Simplifying internal money laundering prevention through a new function in

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Simplifying internal money laundering prevention through a new function in

Money laundering prevention has become an important issue for the automotive trade in recent years. The number of checks by supervisory authorities is constantly increasing, as a result of which more and more cases are being published in which violations have been punished with heavy penalties. In response to market demand, the Cologne-based fintech start-up has developed a new additional function for the intelligent payment platform, which makes it much easier for car dealerships to meet their money laundering obligations.

Simplified money laundering check process with

Carrying out money laundering prevention measures requires considerable manual effort for car dealers. In order to rule out suspicion of money laundering and terrorist financing, transactions - not just cash payments - must be checked for their origin and legality. has therefore developed a new function to simplify this laborious process for car dealers: The Automated accounts receivable matching (ADM for short).

ADM supports automotive retailers by digitizing the plausibility check for every transaction as far as possible. By automatically comparing the name and country of origin of the sales contract partner and payment sender, creates maximum transparency and even points out possible discrepancies. This automated reconciliation saves manual reconciliation in order to create transparency and therefore considerable administrative costs. As a result, car dealers focus on incoming money where there is reasonable suspicion and thus significantly improve their own money laundering prevention processes.

Added value of the automated process

  • Automated reconciliation of sales contract partner and payment sender
  • Focus on suspicious transactions
  • Digitalization of internal processes

If you would like to optimize your internal money laundering prevention processes with or are interested in presenting the innovative platform for digital payment management, the team is always available for you.

Info: With ADM, does not assume any legal obligation for the car dealership, but simply creates maximum transparency at a glance.

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