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Digital payment management
for car dealerships

From invoicing to payment reminders: Optimize your entire payment management with our complete solution.
A screenshot of the dashboard, which shows open and paid invoices.
A screenshot of a paid invoice in the system, displayed on a smartphone screen.
Made for car dealerships

Faster liquidity and less manual effort

The software from automates, digitizes and simplifies the entire receivables process, from invoicing to data transfer to your financial accounting system. In this way, our customers optimize internal payment processes and save valuable time in the back office.

20 minutes

Save an average of 20 minutes of manual work on every transaction.


Over 70% of Germany's top 100 automotive retailers are already successfully using

More than 1,000 car dealerships and over 70% of the top 100 car retail groups in Germany already rely on the services provided by These include the Moll Group, Nord-Ostsee Automobiles and the Senger Group.

€6 billion

Our platform manages a volume of over six billion euros per year.

Simple, modern payment processing

Your customers can easily choose from various payment methods: anywhere via smartphone or on site via EC/credit card.

The best payment experience for every customer need: Easy and fast payment — without registration or an app — with the choice between different payment methods. All parties involved automatically receive a payment confirmation.

Automatic, digital payment request

Your customers receive an automated payment request for every service invoice, for example by email or SMS.

Successively eliminating cash and local queues

Everything is getting easier

The complete solution works easily for everyone

Vendors benefit from streamlined processes and 100% clean accounting. Customers appreciate modern payment methods and trust-building communication.

Modern payment experience:
The digital payment invitation

Send digital payment invitations that your customers can use to pay directly. Once completed, the digital payment confirmation provides a feeling of security.

Digital payment management
A screenshot of a paid invoice in the system, displayed on a smartphone screen.

Easy processing:
The latest payment methods

Offer your customers a state-of-the-art payment process with modern payment methods. Convenient for your customers — efficient for you.

Modern payment experience
Screenshot of the possible payment methods: bank transfer, direct payment, credit card, PayPal and installment payment.

Real-Time Visibility:
The live payment status for customers and car dealerships

Reduce time-consuming inquiries about payment status Let your customers know in real time when their money has been received and when they can pick up their vehicle.

Solutions for car dealerships
Screenshot of paid invoices in the system.
Portrait of Susanne Knaller, managing director of the KFZ-Wirtschaftsgesellschaft der BMW Vertragshändler mbH.
“In addition to simplifying the payment process for end customers and retailers, manages to design the background processes in payment management in such a way that immediate transparency about the payment status is created.”
Susanne Knaller
KFZ-Wirtschaftsgesellschaft der BMW Vertraghändler mbH
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With the complete digital solution from, you can concentrate on your core business.
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