Fully digital installment payment

With the fully integrated installment payment, customers can pay their after-sales bills conveniently, flexibly and discreetly in three to 24 installments.

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Screenshots from the system showing the fully digital installment payment on a smartphone screen. Starting with the selection of the payment method and the selection of the installment payment to the summary of the basic data of the installment payment.
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Complete solution

Our software offers you everything from a single source, without any additional effort for you.


Our 100% smart and digital application process creates trust among your customers.

Individual financing

Customer-oriented: Offer flexibility with individual financing options.

Completely risk-free for your company assumes credit, fraud and liquidity risks.

Real-time decision for customers

Provide quick clarity and avoid annoying waiting times for customers.

Improved service experience: Strengthen customer loyalty and increase sales

Three easy steps

It works as simple as that offers digital installment payment as a native feature. This makes it as easy as possible for your customers to pay for their vehicle in installments.

Step 1: Select the payment method in installments

The “ installment payment” appears as one of our payment methods. This makes it a simple and attractive alternative.

Screenshot of the possible payment methods on a smartphone screen: bank transfer, direct payment, credit card, PayPal and installment payment.

Step 2: Set the desired running time

The running time is easy to set during the process. Your customers will immediately see the resulting framework data.

Screenshot of the monthly rate selection, displayed on a smartphone screen.

Step 3: Check all contract data at a glance

Before your customers officially agree to pay in installments, we present all important facts transparently and clearly.

Screenshot of the basic details of the installment payment, displayed on a smartphone.
“With installment payment, our customers now have the option of conveniently paying their service bills in installments, which means that they are not immediately financially burdened.”
Alexander Kin
Audit and project manager
Glinicke Services GmbH
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