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Offer your customers a cutting-edge payment process with various multichannel payment methods. Convenient for your customers, efficient for you.

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Screenshot of an open invoice entry in the system and the selection of various payment methods, displayed on a smartphone screen.

The features that make life easier for your customers

Your customers expect modern payment options. It’s very easy with

Screenshot of an outstanding invoice in the system, displayed on a smartphone screen.
Clear and easy

Keep your customers up to date at all times

Reduce time-consuming inquiries about payment status Let your customers know in real time when their money has been received and when they can pick up their vehicle.

  • Payment invitation

    The first step towards transparency is an invitation to pay. Your customers will immediately find all the information they need. From here on, they have a fixed point of contact to check the status of their own payment at any time.

  • Live payment status

    After your customers have made their payment, they are eagerly awaiting confirmation. After all, they want to pick up the product they have just purchased soon. No problem: The live payment status provides information at any time.

  • Digital payment confirmation

    Both customers and accounting receive automated payment confirmations in real time via email. An important moment: After all, a successful deal has now been achieved for both sides.

Payment from today

Offer modern payment methods

Use our payment solution to offer easy and flexible payment options.

  • Integrated installment payment

    With the fully integrated installment payment, customers can pay their after-sales bills conveniently, flexibly and discreetly in three to 24 installments. More about digital installment payments

  • Direct payments

    With direct payments, secure online transfers of up to 50,000 euros can be carried out free of charge. Customers receive their payment confirmation within seconds — no matter what time of day or night.

  • Bank transfer

    In addition to innovative payment methods, offer traditional bank transfers — we ensure that the reconciliation is error-free.

  • Card payment

    Our systems work with all major international debit and credit cards. This applies both to the online sector and to our self-service terminals.

  • Paypal

    Accept payments via PayPal. Play it safe: To keep charges under control, you can set an individual payment limit for this transaction option.

Screenshot of the payment reminder for an outstanding invoice in the system, displayed on a smartphone screen.
Don’t forget anything

Remind customers automatically and get paid faster

In everyday life, an important payment can also be lost by your customers. You can track these processes manually and painstakingly — or you can let work for you.

  • Adjustable payment reminders

    Set automatic payment reminders Define the frequency at which you want them to be sent.

  • Automatic confirmation

    Always stay up to date: You'll receive an automatic confirmation when a payment has been made.

Collage of various traditional payment methods: From printed invoices to Smartkasse.
Paper works too

Also for fans of traditional payment methods

With, you can process payments from all customers — even if there is no email address or Internet access. Simply use our offline documents or paper mail to process payments and send notifications.

  • Offline documents

    Your customers receive a printout with all relevant information for a traditional bank transfer or payment at our self-service terminal.

  • Paper mail

    Get your money regardless of the communication channel! Send both invoices and payment reminders by post.

  • smart checkout

    With smart checkout, invoices can be paid directly on site without contact and cashless. This reduces waiting times, speeds up the payment process and significantly simplifies back office processes in the company. More about smart checkout

“Our customers are particularly impressed by the modern payment options: They can now also benefit from modern, flexible and individual payment options at car dealerships, which clearly sets us apart from our competitors.”
Andreas Feyh
Brand manager BMW
Wahl Group
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