Digital payment management

Take care of your core business. takes care of the rest. This is how you get your money easily and without detours.

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A screenshot of the dashboard, which shows open and paid invoices.

The features that simplify your processes

Manual was yesterday. automates, digitizes and simplifies the entire process from payment requests to accounting in existing financial accounting systems.

Screenshot of outstanding invoices in the system.
Clarity and certainty

Comprehensive transparency through live status

Track outstanding claims in real time and keep your team up to date. The live status enables everyone involved to track exactly which claims have already been paid and which are still outstanding at any time.

  • Digital payment invitation

    With our digital payment invitation, your customers receive all payment information at a glance and can start processing payments directly and conveniently.

  • Custom dashboard

    Create your own reports and filter the data to suit your needs. Retrieve your numbers anytime.

  • Open items

    Get a detailed report on all open items, fully automatically and in real time.

Screenshot of a paid order in the system.
Efficient and convenient

Automatic money collection and payment reconciliation

Stop wasting time searching for incoming payments. With, each payment is assigned individually — and then made available for automated accounting in your financial accounting system.

  • Error-free allocation

    Regardless of which reference is given for transfers: Our innovative technology allocates all incoming payments and thus frees your billing and booking processes from unnecessary typing errors.

  • EBICS assignment

    The EBICS system can even automatically assign payments to house bank accounts. Manual and time-consuming accounting reconciliation is no longer necessary.

  • Easy accounting software integration seamlessly transfers all payment data to numerous ERP systems and accounting software. An automatic review of all uploaded data guarantees correct documentation of your transactions.

A screenshot from receivables management planning, which shows the payment reminder, three reminder stages and the collection process.
Don't forget anything

Remind customers automatically and get paid faster

In everyday life, an important payment can also be lost by your customers. You can track these processes manually and painstakingly — or you can let work for you.

  • Automated collection of reminders

    Stop wasting time chasing after your money and focus on your core business. Our digital collection system takes care of the rest! Learn more

  • Adjustable payment reminders

    Set automatic payment reminders Define the frequency at which you want them to be sent.

  • Automatic confirmation

    Always stay up to date: You’ll receive an automatic confirmation when a payment has been made.

Compilation of various features from the system.
Quick and easy

Optimized workflows

Improve your accounting processes with our omnichannel solution for digital payment management. In this way, you reduce inefficient manual work processes.

  • Simplified money laundering prevention

    Optimize your internal money laundering prevention with — without unnecessary administrative work. Learn more

  • Advanced performance reports

    Get full transparency about all important performance indicators (KPIs) and benefit from a 360-degree view of your receivables management — in real time.

  • Payment exports

    Evaluations and analyses with just one click. Export reports to other accounting systems and get a better overview of payment transactions. Always based on valid real-time data.

Get valuable insights into your receivables
Use our ready-to-use reports and monitoring tools to analyze your outstanding payments and make better decisions for your business.
“Thanks to the holistic solution from, we were able to comprehensively digitize our processes and completely abolish cash in our company!”
Nicola Geist
Managing Director of Anders Automobile GmbH
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