Car trade and service: Emerging stronger from the corona era with digital solutions

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In particular, the corona pandemic has highlighted a major omission in recent years in the automotive retail sector: the lack of digitization and automation in operational processes. The initial lockdown suddenly led to major challenges, not only in terms of collapsing orders. Outdated structures and manual processes impeded the flexibility and speed required in this exceptional situation at various points. In terms of customer satisfaction, for example, an untimely, analog payment process in times of corona also has a negative effect. Although solutions exist, the step towards digitization is still too rarely dared. The crisis has shown why a consistent rethink of operating processes is worthwhile right now.

New challenges require novel solutions and consistent action

The global spread of the coronavirus has presented companies in almost all sectors of the economy with completely new challenges. Various restrictions and hygiene regulations force previous structures and processes within a company to be reconsidered.

Car dealers and vehicle-specific service companies in particular are noticeably affected by the corona pandemic, as outdated and static processes still dominate corporate structures. Cash payments have been made more difficult, direct customer contact is no longer easily possible and the lack of digital solutions is causing major restrictions.

In order to remain competitive and emerge stronger from the current situation, innovative ideas and solutions are needed. This applies in particular to customer service: Official requirements for new hygiene standards, short-time work and home office ensure that processing times are extended to the benefit of customers.

Competitive advantage through maximum customer service in times of corona

The introduction of more efficient payment management can contribute to improved customer service in the long term. offers automotive retail and automotive service companies a secure and cashless method of paying bills in several ways:

  1. The customer receives a payment invitation with a payment link. Here you can choose between a fully digital transfer in advance or payment directly on site via smartphone.
  2. Both the company and the customer have access to the current payment status — in real time. This makes time-consuming communication channels between sales and accounting or between sales and customers unnecessary.
  3. By using the specific payment link, a payment is automatically clearly assigned and recorded. This otherwise manual bookkeeping task is therefore superfluous.

Intelligent claims management: If items are still outstanding, regular payment reminders are automatically sent to the respective end customer. However, these can also be sent manually on request.

The benefits of's efficient payment management therefore include more than just significant support in meeting official requirements for hygiene measures and contact restrictions. At the same time, companies optimize internal work processes and offer their customers maximum customer service:

  • Compliance with hygiene requirements through cashless payments
  • Shorter processing times in the back office due to clear allocation and recording of payments and access to live payment status
  • Increased customer satisfaction through a seamless buying experience — even after the crisis period
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