Smooth processes and consistently positive feedback

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“Everyone has done their homework,” says process manager Timo Theissen-Urban about the start of the collaboration with Both customers and employees of Tölke & Fischer welcome the numerous benefits of the innovative payment management system.

For over 80 years, the Tölke & Fischer Group has established itself as the first point of contact for automotive issues in the Krefeld region. With an extraordinary variety of brands (Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Audi, Skoda, Porsche, Ford, Volvo and Kia), Tölke & Fischer is one of the largest car dealership groups in Germany. At eleven locations, the family-owned company is passing on its experience and expertise to loyal customers — now also with modern and efficient payment management from NX Technologies since July 2021.

Smooth implementation and excellent processes

Process manager and project manager Timo Theissen-Urban has been involved in the cooperation with since the very beginning. Following the successful launch phase with the VW Group brands without Porsche, further rollout steps are planned for the Ford, Volvo, Kia and Porsche brands. Theissen-Urban is particularly satisfied with the excellent preparation of both contracting parties: “I can say from my experience that this was an excellent process. Both sides were very well prepared in preliminary talks. “This ensured that the cooperation ran smoothly right from the start.

Live payment status leads to greater flexibility and security in sales

Before the introduction of, sales staff depended on data reconciliation with the accounting department before they could hand over a car. This led to ambiguities, particularly outside office hours (for example on Saturdays): The payment status could not be viewed by the sales staff themselves and the goods could therefore either not be released to customers at all or only on a basis of trust. With the payment status, which can be viewed 24/7, sellers are now able to track incoming payments independently and in real time. This allows customer inquiries to be processed faster and more flexibly, while employees benefit from maximum transparency. By the way, this also relieves the accounting department, which no longer has to create payment lists on a daily basis or process frequent queries.

“The sellers can immediately see the open items in our GeneSys system, the accounting department saves incredible time and the scheduling department can understand that all payments have been made. A huge advantage for sellers is that they can also see direct payments outside of accounting hours, such as Saturdays, and can still deliver the vehicle on Saturdays as well. Previously, this was only possible because of trust! ”

Satisfied workforce through simplified process management

The simplified process management provided by is already very popular with the Tölke & Fischer workforce shortly after its introduction. The family-owned company impresses with the expertise and experience of numerous employees and long-standing employees, who were able to further optimize their work processes thanks to the innovative support of In particular, the automatically issued payment invitation from promotes timely payment on the appropriate collection date, which promotes a smooth purchase process. Employees particularly welcome the bidirectional interface to existing software such as the “GeneSys” sales management system as an added value. GeneSys automatically transfers data that has already been entered into the system and vice versa. Theissen-Urban sees the practical and stable interface as a key strength of the software: Especially against this background, he would recommend to his retail colleagues.

Digital-savvy customers welcome modern processes

The modern payment processes from satisfy the needs of modern and IT-savvy customers, who are happy to be able to pay their bills on the go via smartphone and laptop. Positive feedback encourages Theissen-Urban to keep up with the times in payment management and to enrich the traditional family business's offering with cutting-edge payment options. In this way, customers benefit not only from the company's many years of experience, but also from cutting-edge technology. But of course, Tölke & Fischer also serves non-digitally savvy customers; a corresponding form has been created specifically in “GeneSys” and can be made available to these customers. An excellent collaboration with future prospects In conclusion, it can be summarized that Mr. Theissen-Urban, on behalf of the Tölke & Fischer Group, draws a consistently positive balance of the introduction of the cooperation with The excellent cooperation so far gives hope for more.

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