TECHNO shareholders benefit from partnership with

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TECHNO shareholders benefit from partnership with

It is no secret that Germany's car dealerships are constantly on the rise in terms of digitization and e-commerce. A major reason for this is strong partners who make car dealership procedures and processes as efficient, simple and customer-friendly as possible, especially when it comes to the payment factor. enables its users to have efficient back office processes, error-free and automated booking of payments and modern payment options for maximum customer satisfaction. With its solution for digital payment management in car retail, impresses in many ways and is therefore a new supplier partner in Germany's leading car dealership cooperation TECHNO-EINKAUF GmbH.

A strong cooperation — TECHNO recommends to shareholders

With over 150 shareholders at almost 2,000 locations in over 600 cities, TECHNO is Germany's largest association of manufacturer-based car dealerships. Over 50% of the top 100 automotive retailers are TECHNO shareholders. TECHNO offers its shareholders an extensive network of service providers and supplier partners in various areas in order to be able to offer digital business and holistic strategies in particular from hand.

With, TECHNO - The Car Dealership Cooperation now offers its shareholders an expert in digital payment management in the automotive trade

Digital payment management and optimized back office processes: That's enables its users to significantly optimize internal administrative processes and digital payment processing. The features of include:

  • the automated and error-free allocation of incoming payments
  • Real-time transparency of all claims
  • the digital payment invitation to customers via email
  • modern and cashless payment methods for end customers
  • automated maintenance of open items with intelligent receivables management

Through the partnership with, TECHNO shareholders benefit fully from the platform's services — and at above-average conditions.

While automotive retailers benefit in particular from internal process optimization and real-time payment status and thus save time and costs, automotive retailer customers are particularly pleased with the transparency in payment processing and the most modern payment process on the market.

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