Payment infrastructure in the automotive sector

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Payment infrastructure in the automotive sector
30.1.2024 supports the Ford dealer service provider in the digital transformation of German Ford partners.

The cooperation enables Ford partners to digitize and automate payment processes for end customers and internal processes related to payment and receivables management.

The automotive sector is facing major challenges, including in the area of digitization. Since January, the Ford dealer service provider — a 100% subsidiary of the German Ford Partner Association — has therefore been cooperating with NX Technologies. With, Cologne-based FinTech offers the leading platform for digital payment management in Germany. In this way, the company ensures simplified processing of the entire claims process in real time and a modern payment experience with numerous payment methods such as direct transfers from online banking and flexible installment payment options. Ford partners can benefit from special conditions.

Harald Theyssen, managing director of FHD mbH: “For more than 30 years, we have been supporting Ford partners with products and services for everyday tasks in car dealerships and the major challenges of the future. Through cooperation with, Ford partners can digitize their receivables and payment management — from invoicing to payment processing. This makes it possible to simplify internal processes, increase efficiency and save costs in the back office. ”

The future of automotive retail is digital

Buying a car is usually one of the biggest investments in life and yet the payment process is often still manual, slow and away from today's standard. The aim of the cooperation between FHD GmbH and is to change this. Ford partners should be strengthened in their competence to digitize and optimize their processes. Because, according to studies, 66 percent of the margin at car dealers is generally lost in internal starts right here: For over five years, the platform has been helping car dealerships, workshop chains and other providers in the mobility sector simplify and automate internal processes and process payment data without errors. Established processes are being scrutinized and rethought. At the same time, existing dealer management systems and accounting tools can be integrated. For example, paper documents in administration are significantly reduced.

Lasse Diener, Founder and CEO of NX Technologies: “We want to be pioneers in the automotive sector and sustainably improve payment management. Liquidity advantages and efficiency gains make standardized, digital processes a must. helps car dealers use this for themselves in the order-to-cash process. Expanding our cooperation network is an important step in this regard. In addition to trade associations such as Toyota, VW and Audi, Renault, Mercedes and BMW, we are now also proud to be able to support Ford dealer services company in the digital transformation of FPV members' payment management. ”


NX Technologies GmbH is a FinTech and was founded in 2018 by Lasse Diener and Ulrich Schmidt with the mission to redefine payment management in the automotive industry. The Cologne-based company specializes in digital payment management with its main product “”. In this way, the company ensures simplified and automated processing of the entire receivables process in real time, making internal payment management more efficient and saving resources. At the same time, customers are offered a modern payment experience with numerous payment methods such as direct payment, PayPal or flexible installment options. NX Technologies maintains collaborations and partnerships with, among others, the VW and Audi Partner Association, the Association of Mercedes-Benz Representatives, the KIA Dealer Association and BMW. The team of now more than 115 employees is continuously optimizing the product to create a new standard for digital payment management in Europe.

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About Ford Dealer Dienstleistungsgesellschaft, FHD mbH

The Ford dealer service provider is a 100% subsidiary of the German Ford Partner Association and supports Ford partners in a variety of car dealership processes with holistic services and powerful tools — from car rental to spare parts exchange and accident claims processing to the salesperson's workplace. For over 30 years, Ford partners have been able to rely on practical solutions that solve problems, optimize processes, save costs and open up new fields of income. At the interface between manufacturer and retailer, FHD anticipates developments and helps Ford partners develop their business model.

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