is presented to 300 Renault and Dacia dealers

Head of Marketing & Communications is presented to 300 Renault and Dacia dealers

On November 30, Renault and Dacia dealers can expect something special from the startup scene for their car brands at the dealership conference: presents its all-in-one solution for automated payment management in car dealerships.

The team is looking forward to answering your questions at the dealer conference

The Renault and Dacia Dealer Congress

Andreas Klimm, managing director of Carunion — one of the largest Renault retailers in Germany — has been a partner of the new software solution from Cologne-based startup NX Technologies since May 2019. He established contact with Andrea Weiß, managing director of the Association of German Dacia and Renault Partners.

Lasse Diener, CEO of, was pleased to receive the invitation to the Renault and Dacia Dealer Congress on November 30 in Frankfurt: “We are delighted to be there to explain to participating retailers how they can increase their ROI with, save manual expenses in accounting and at the same time offer customers the most modern payment process on the market. ”

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A recent example from practice shows: Automated payment management brings transparency, efficiency and also inspires internal users. The case of car dealership Wichert GmbH illustrates these advantages. They are particularly impressed by the transparent payment status in real time and the maximized data quality of incoming payments. Thanks to, there is 100% transparency over all payments for sales and accounting and no dealer has to wait for confirmation from the accounting department to hand over a car anymore. A significant reduction in manual expenses in accounting was also achieved with The digital software solution uses a novel technology to ensure 0 errors in the allocation of payments to the respective sales — everything digital, everything automated, everything in real time and easily accessible to all parties involved. with a team of experts at the Renault and Dacia dealer congress is one of the selected group of participants at the Renault and Dacia Dealer Congress on November 30 at the Marriott Hotel in Frankfurt and is on site with a team of experts who are pleased to present further success stories to all members.

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Customer success story “Hamburg-based car retailer Wichert uses digital payment management for the first time”

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